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Our Mission

Rebirth aims at creating an impact. Impact by creating an awareness on Organ Donation. Impact through setting a centralised system to give clarity to people on their real confusions/myths on the idea of Organ Donation. Impact through making the path easier for the donors, receivers and the volunteers working in the process.

What you can Donate ?


 Frequently Asked Questions

For years, myths and misconceptions have prevented people from signing up as donors. To read about some of the common myths and the facts.       Click Here

Only organs like the Heart,Liver and Kidney can be donated.
FACT: Not only organs, but TISSUES like skin tissues, tendons, bone marrow and heart valves can be donated.
All of us can donate organs after our death.
FACT: Only in case of brain death, can the organs be donated. Only the Corneas and skin can be donated, in case of natural death.
Organ and tissue donation interferes with having an open-casket funeral.
FACT: For bone donation, a rod is inserted and the bone is removed. With skin donation, a very thin layer of skin is taken from the donor’s back. In both the cases, there is no nterference in an open-casket funeral.
Is there any chance of survival of a brain dead individual?

No. A brain dead individual is declared dead and cannot be revived. Life can’t be revived by any means after brain death.

Who do I contact to know more about organ donation?

Each of the Registered Hospitals in Pune has a trained Transplant Co-ordinator who will give you all the information you need as well as a donor card. You can also approach the ICU doctors with your desire to donate your relative’s organs.

Does the donor have to die only in hospital?

Yes. As brain death can occure only in ICU, an organ donor necessarily dies in ICU of the hospital. No vital organs can retrieved if the death occurs at home. However, eyes and skin can be retrieved up to 6 hrs.

Is the donor's body given back to the relatives?

Yes. The body is given back to the relatives to perform the last rites after the retrieval of organs.

Are the organs given only to the rich?

No. As per the priority criteria like age, blood group, waiting period, clinical status of the recipients, the organs are given to the most needy and suitable patients.

Is any compensation or payments made to the donor family?

No. It is pure donation and hence it becomes a noble act. Moreover, the family is not charged for the investigation after the consent for organ donation is given after declaring brain death.